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Passthru srl deals with providing solutions and services dedicated to the automotive world, in the era of the 4.0 CAR WORKSHOP. With the inclusion of our support and the use of official protocols, your company will finally be able to take a leap forward and become an 8.0 CAR WORKSHOP, thus allowing you "finally" to work without the constraints and limits that a generic diagnosis require you.

Through a capillary network of Dealer-Points and training centers, we offer the opportunity to move towards an "On-line" future with the main car manufacturers, radically changing and evolving the way to operate "in a workmanlike manner" on motor vehicles. now constantly updated.

Passtrhu s.r.l. is the solution you were looking for in the future of your garage. The new technologies allow all independent car repairers, with their company, access to all those resources that the European Community makes available in order to operate under the same conditions as the Dealers. If you want to make the leap in quality with your company, with our suggestions, our equipment but, above all with the dedicated technical consultancy and located in many service centers, you will finally be able to work with the same "quality standards" that your customers, until now, only found at authorized dealers.

Registration with the main automotive portals, company certification, access to technical information and the use of official hardware are some of our solutions.

All services are carried out in full compliance with the customer's needs and managed according to strict regulations protecting privacy

Facts: official on-line programming

Programming carried out on a Mercedes C204, performed on-line.
The programming certificate according to the law is present, correlated with the Independent Workshop Code obtained by the manufacturer, respecting their Control and Quality standards.

In this case the car had problems related to the DPF.
all the generic scan-tools would have led to logically interacting on the DPF.

Thanks to the failure scenarios and the update of the engine management software,
the problem has been solved.

Here is a typical case in which standard diagnostics stops in front of an impossible function, except with official standards and official protocols.
You decide how to work tomorrow !!!

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