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Our Team


dario e davide mangili

.... Many things can be done alone, but you will never be able to do all what a "team" can give you ... Sharing ideas, enthusiasms and passions is the only way to reach all those people that you would never have had the chance of or know by yourself. I thank all of these " travel friends" because without them this project could not have been born.
The entry into force of the EC Directives 715/2007 and 692/2008 date back to 30/06/2010.
Since then we started working with pass-thru protocols, when this term (pass-thru) was still unknown by the majority of car repairers and even by manufacturers of generic diagnostic instruments.
33 years of experience in the world of generic diagnosis and almost 10 years of experience in this delicate sector are our

business card.

Dario Mangili (creator of the passthru s.r.l. project).


Stefano turcato

It begins its work experience in the automotive sector in 1981 in the company of the leading European original equipment components for air conditioning systems in the technical / design office. From this experience then it passes in 1989 Magneti Marelli After Market as a trainer for the thermal vehicle division until 1993. He later became technical area and at the same time trainer for electronic vehicle systems and later in 2000 became head of the technical call center planning , creating and coordinating the activities of service and work there until 2003. Thanks to these experiences in the same year he created together with Alberto Dester (also a former trainer of Magneti Marelli after market) the Group Automotive T & D companies which still deals network projects, technical assistance and development services for workshops (training, technical advice, help desk, diagnostics)


Andrea turcato

Andrea Turcato, after his university experience, started the activity in the Automotive field from 2015 specializing in multi-brand diagnosis, passthru, O.E. and problem solving. He currently works as a consultant for Group Automotive T&D as a trainer and technical consultant for some development activities with automotive partners, spare parts dealers and distributors. Among the leading collaborations, that at Passthru S.r.l. as a technical-training trainer. Additional skills in IT and web design

Stefano Quadri

Stefano quadri

Began as a garage owner who has always combined a passion for training, in schools to become partner in 2000, President and trainer for ATFA Ltd, a service company within the DECA / RAB group. Trainer qualified by Bosch Italy (TF) always looking to combine a passion for engines and electronics with the most modern techniques of diagnosis and communication. Many Collaboration, among others, with Ferrari, Maserati, VM Motors, Argo Tractors, Same Deuz-Fahr, Lovato Gas, Amsa A2a, Landi Renzo, Bosch, Remsa, Dra, University of Modena and several technical institutes.

Paolo Malesardi

Paolo malesardi

Paolo Malesardi, owner of Autronic, created company in step with the times that turned "the workshop repair cars" in a laboratory that operates on the new electronic systems for motor management, managing to optimize performance and solve multiple problems resulting from the increasingly bad electrical system and electronics. Over the years the continuous research of innovative systems has led him to be a leader in the field troubleshooting, optimization and technical support for workshops and time reference point of the automotive sector for the great experience gained over the years .In collaboration with the group Giadi ( has three vans equipped as mobile laboratories complete the diagnostic tester and other equipment which together with the technical knowledge are able to operate at the workshops (affiliated to Giadi triveneto) group requiring assistance.


thierry da ros

DIERREBI AUTRONICA S.a.s. is a company that was born in 2004, from the experience accumulated over the years by Thierry Da Ros, an electronic technician passionate about the motor world, ranging from motor vehicles to industrial vehicles and then also embracing the marine and motorcycles.
Since 1985 he has been teaching at the CF.p. “Villaggio del Fanciullo” of Pordenone, which has now become FOSF, and in the 1990s he teaches the courses of “car electronics”, courses aimed at operators in the sector immersed in the advent of electronics that later became Autronica.
In 1994 the first experiences of modification of the new electronic injection systems with eprom began. Since 1996, Da Ros has been manager of the Triveneto area for DIMSPORT, a leading company in the design and production of software and hardware for editing ecu memories.
Since then he collaborates with DIMSPORT both as technical / commercial assistance and as a developer for the various products produced by the virtuous Piedmontese company such as: RACE4 which has become RACE2000 and now RACE EVO, NEW GENIUS, NEW TRASDATA, RAPID, DYNORACE, RAPID TRUKS and RAPID TRAKTOR, including the last born the D-GID of ECOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS.
DIERREBI AUTRONICA also collaborates in the Triveneto with the major distributors of car equipment, both diagnostic and spare parts.


Stefano Antoniani

The company was founded in 1985 as an auto electrician, air conditioners and electronic injections. In the following years, the business evolved further, creating training courses on electronics and air conditioning on board, which are provided to Confartigianato Lombarde, Rhiag, vocational training schools, schools of the Salesian Work and other companies. In 2002 the owner provided consultancy and training courses to Autosystem / Sanden Italia; as well as the Same Tractors Group, Dulevo and Merlo. Currently the company deals with distributing Autocom diagnosis systems, with an importer and distributor contract for Italy, making use of an ever-expanding network of agents and resellers and ensuring customers unparalleled technical and assistance support. Thanks also to an excellent IT background, deriving from the experience of selling high-tech products, the Clerk management software (Asconauto approved) by All4All and various databases are distributed.

In 2013 we managed and delivered F-Gas courses to VGI (Volkswagen Group Italia) in the Verona and Catania offices, to the staff of the assistance network in northern and southern Italy, to which network we continue to offer support for Waeco equipment Dometic.

We are currently authorized distributors of various companies related to the automotive world, including passthru s.r.l. which sees us among certified trainers.



Paolo Parravicini, owner of S.A.E.P. s.r.l.s., has been dealing with everything concerning the diagnostic part of the Renault world since the 90s, in particular the 360 ​​degree Clip diagnosis tool, from the technical part of the diagnostic application, to maintenance and problems of the Clip hardware; his focus is on product support, focusing resources on the part applied to the repair problems of the group's cars.
In his professional training he was involved in training for car repairers, taking part in the birth of the Texaedu project where he held a few hundred courses as a trainer. He is a specialist in diagnostic problems on vehicles outside the Renault range, using the various multi-brand diagnoses. Still in the automotive field, it also provides technical support on exhaust gas analyzers, in the context of their repair and their use; power test benches for those involved in the world of tuning, wheel alignments with regard to problems and use.



After graduating with a computer science specialization at the Kennedy Technical Institute in Pordenone, Davide Da Ros became the owner of an individual company operating in the automotive field. The passion for the world of car electronics was born during a curricular internship held in 2015. To date, Da Ros is a trusted collaborator of Dierrebi Autronica SaS and has specialized in the field of engine ECU remapping and diagnostics thanks to official instruments of the various parent companies.


Autopromotec 2022

This year our team, together with the RETE1ONE network, has launched a "unique" project for Italy and Europe.

Create the first network of INDEPENDENT DEALERS, without any ties with manufacturers, but with all the necessary credentials to operate according to European directives. A goal that makes us proud of the fact that a network like RETE1ONE, made up of excellence in the automotive field on the Italian territory, has chosen us as their technical, assistance and logistical support for all the needs that the world of passthru requires with its complex technologies. Good job everyone, we are waiting for you in our team !!!


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